Your financials in an automated easy-to-read progress report. 

Keep your numbers

up-to-date effortlessly.

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Are you making at least 15 cents on every dollar?

As a small business owner, you need to know how your business is doing in the most convenient way.

Aryes sends your up-to-date cash flow, sales, and new customer data through a text message dashboard without any data entry. All of your financial accounts are automated together into an easy-to-read progress report, that updates all day as cash flows.

All of your data is in one place to help you maintain at least 15 cent on every the dollar.

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What's the experience?

Snapshot: On your schedule, receive text snapshots.  

Full Report: Dive deeper with full reports online.

Reconcile: See each calculated line item.

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How does it work?

Text "Hello" to 818-806-6070, follow the prompts to verify your providers:

Once verified, receive up-to-date reports instantly.

Scheduled when you receive reports.

See up-to-date full financial reports at any time.

Share full financial reports with key players.

How safe is it?

Each time you request your data, Aryes is monitored by our financial partners:

Aryes can not review your encrypted reports, only you can access them.

Aryes can not access your passwords ever. Login directly with your provider.

Your provider gives Aryes a monitored key to aggregate your data.

Reports can only be accessed via or shared from the phone that requested the data.

Aryes uses encrypted 256 SSL websites to keep your data safe. 

Aryes will never share your data with anyone.


Connect the financial accounts that impact you daily.

Over 10,000 banks and financial accounts.


Control your financial schedule.

We'll do the math and validate the numbers that matter to you. We'll then automatically send you a custom text, on the days and times you choose.

No more hours of reviewing spreadsheets. You're now in control.


Use Aryes for free.
Account Owner Charges
No Commitment. Cancel Anytime
* All fees are charged to the Account Owners. Visit the support page for details.
* "Share" has unlimited access to review reports for long as the Account Owner allows.
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Unlimited Visibility

Unlimited Visibility

Get unlimited financial visibility without calling an accountant. 

Instant Access

Instant Access

Receive the most important numbers you need on your schedule

Live Progress


See your progress with

Stripe, Square, and Quickbooks.