What is ARYES

ARYES is the easiest approach to understanding your small business finances.There is no need for quickbooks, spreadsheets, or waiting for P&Ls any longer.

It’s like having your bookkeeper update your books in real-time and then recommend how to optimize your profits every step of the way.

Everyday you’ll receive a cashflow tracking overview that provides you with all the budget tools you’ll need for the day. Revenue goals, spending budgets, profit margins, labor cost, and year-over-year comparisons.

ARYES is an all-in-one solution. Simply connect your bank account and ARYES becomes your bookkeeper. Your books for the last two years will be calculated in minutes and you’ll never have to do any data entry on your end.

Use your daily overview as a cashflow tracker when you’re away, and as a budget tool for your managers.

Receive today's cashflow overview for your business in minutes.


Unlimited Visibility


Unlimited financial visibility without calling a bookkeeper. 

Instant Access

Cashflow tracking

No apps or passwords are needed to track your cashflow. 

Live Progress


Connect Stripe, Square, Clover, and Quickbooks.