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What do you need to get started?
All you need is a cell phone. Text the word "Hello" to 1-818-806-6070 and follow the steps to verify your accounts. You make also click here.
How does the 7 Day trial work?
There is nothing you need to do. Once your 7 Days are up, ARYES will automatically charge the very first checking account you connect via ACH. You may change your payment type to a credit/debit card or cancel at any time in your settings.
End User Agreement
To close your account, go to your settings in your guide and click manage subscription. Follow the steps. Your account will be paused or canceled and you will no longer be able to access your guides immediately. Even if you still have days left in the monthly service. You can restart your membership at any time. Canceled account will not have credit and will pay the full rate immediately. If your payment method is invalid you will be instructed the enter new card details. 
Angel Investing
How do I log in?
There is no online portal to log into or passwords. We work through the security of text messages and encrypted web links.
What information do I need to log in?
We don't use traditional methods of logging in. All you need is a cell phone number and we'll do everything else.
Can I login through the web and mobile (cell phone)?
There is no logging in required when using Aryes. Simply text "View" to 818-806-6070 to see your most recent guide. 
How do I delete/cancel my account?
Go to your settings and click on Manage Subscription. Remember once you've closed your account, we do not credit lost days and you'll to pay again if you'd like to reactive your account. Be sure to cancel at the end of your month avoid payment confusion.
Can a "Share" be removed?
Yes. You can remove a "Share" at any time in your account. You remove them at the bottom of any guide.
How do I limit or give access to an "Share"?
Once you've given access to a "Share", they will have complete access to the same information you have. You can turn off access to your bank available balance at any time. Once off, all shared users will be off and vice versa. Text "Share" to 818-806-6070 to give someone access to your reports.
Email us at 818-806-6070 and we will assist you. 

Text the following parenthetical at any time to perform the action described.

Text (Go) to start a new Aryes account and link the accounts you'd like KPI's to share. 

Text (View) to view all snapshots options from the accounts you have connected to your Aryes account.

Text (Share) to give snapshot access to your key players.

Text (Connect) to add bank account to your Aryes account. You can text (Share) to give access to these accounts.

Text (Pay) to add your Aryes payment method through Stripe. 

Text (Invite) to Share Aryes with someone you'd like to use Aryes for their own business.

Text (Close) to close your account and unsubscribe.

Text (Control) to access your settings.

Angel Investing
How much is Aryes?
Please review our simple and flat pricing on our price page.
How often are payments withdrawn?
The account owner is charged on the day they sign up based our price structure. Accounts are charged on a rolling 30 day cycle.
Angel Investing
Which accounts can I use?
You can attach Square, Clover, Quickbooks, Stripe, and any bank account supported by Plaid. We are constantly considering new accounts types to partner with to support your financial reports.
How do I remove account?
Email us at 818-806-6070 and we will assist you. 
Your privacy is the most important part of our business. Our equations use the accessed accounts to produce summaries that are only visible to the cell phone that pulled the data. Once the report is calculated and sent to the customer, our AWS server automatically discards the data. The data lives on the users phone in their text thread until they decide to delete the thread on their own.
Reading Reports
What do the red and green highlights mean?
Red quickly signals you that you're either making less than last year on income lines or spending more than last year on outgoing lines. For green, it's smooth sailing, you're either making more than last year on income lines or you're spending less than last year on outgoing lines.

Can I see my report at any time?
Yes, your reports uses a special secure link that never entires. Search your text message reports and click the link in the report you want to review, or copy and paste it to view on your desktop.

How can my key players see my reports?
Simply text the word "Share" in your text thread and add your key players phone numbers. They will have free access to your reports for as long as you allow. They can even control the times and days when they receive your reports. For one time sharing, simply send them the secure link from the specific report you'd like to share.

How are date ranges determined?
Date ranges are calculated based off 7 day weeks, Sunday through Saturday. If a date range falls within another, the pervious date range will have priority in the calculation and will not be included in the proceeding date ranges. 

What is a Bundle or Business name?
A bundle (business name) is a group of account types aggregate under one title. Everyone using Aryes has at least one bundle. For Example: If you have two bank accounts added to a specific bundle, both bank accounts are totaled in the output of a report. To see the bank accounts separately, you'll need to create separate bundles for each. NOTE: A bundle can have only one account type added and still be considered a bundle.

What does "Simple View" mean?
Click on "Simple View" to set the time and dates of when you'll receive your reports in its entirety. Including all bundles and it's contents that you've created.

What does "Send Individual Accounts" mean?
"Send Individual Accounts" will allows you to receive a specific account of a bundle on time and days you choose. For example, you can receive just your calculated Quickbooks report separate from the bundle on time and days you choose.

What is "Reconcile"?
Reconcile allows you to see each account attached to the bundle you're viewing. By clicking on the account you can see a list of all the transactions used to calculate the lines associated with them.

How are new customers determined?
Aryes totals the amount of new emails and phone numbers collected for Square. Then totals the amount of unique ID's created in Stripe.