Benefits of Text Message Marketing

We all spend a little too much time on our phones and may even suffer from text neck. Why not utilize the ever growing number of hours people spend on their phones to your businesses benefit?

Text message marketing—or short message service (SMS) marketing is a cost effective way for your business to connect with a receptive audience in real time. As a simple marketing strategy with a high consumer response rate, SMS marketing is a direct way to encourage your target audience to engage with your business. Measuring the success of SMS marketing campaigns is as simple as tracking the progress of an email marketing campaign.

SMS marketing is all about sending stimulating text messages to MQS (Marketing Qualified Leads) and SQLS (Sales Qualified Leads) on a consistent basis.

These texts may include:



-Holiday Greetings



-Business Updates

-Polls and surveys

-Personal messages

-News updates

-Responses to current events

Because SMS marketing is an engaging way to generate sales and boost customer engagement, SMS marketing should be included in every business’s marketing swiss army knife.