Benefits of Email Marketing

Email marketing is a time-saving and cost effective way to encourage sales, boost consumer engagement, and direct potential customers to your website. Below are the key benefits of email marketing.

1. Benefits of Building an Email Contact List

A successful email marketing campaign begins with a solid subscriber list. The tidier the email list, the more opportunities you’ll have to make the list work for you. By compiling your contacts into different groups, you’ll be able to send more targeted email campaigns and better connect with your community on a personal level. Organize your list into current customers and prospective customers. You may want to send more personal, conversational emails to check in on your current visitors, and messaging targeted towards first time visits to people who aren't so familiar with your product. Remember, by sending email marketing campaigns you are targeting an audience who is already interested in your product or business, which means more potential for sales!

Useful tip: If you include a newsletter sign up on your website, include a CAPTCHA verification to ensure spam bots can’t bombard your inbox with automated signups.

Useful tip: Make your email marketing campaign highly clickable by embedding images and text with hyperlinks that direct to your website.The traffic is great for SEO and it gives your customers or potential customers an action to take. Once they’re on your website, you’ll have yet another opportunity to direct their attention and get them to browse your product.

2. There is No One Size Fits All For A Successful Email Marketing Campaign There is no one size fits all for a successful email marketing campaign; trying different approaches to connect can be fun AND profitable. Get creative with sites like Canva and PicMonkey to create bold graphics that reflect your salon and get attention. You can even create and embed video with low cost resources like Vimeo Create and Projector. Play with headlines and campaign ideas- is your business offering a new service for the holidays? New products? How about a team member spotlight or a cross promotion with another business in your community? Any and all of these are great reasons to reach out and communicate.

3. Utilize Holiday Campaigns to Deliver Deals Online Celebrate the holidays with clever ways to connect creatively AND inspire some serious shopping. Consumers know that the holidays are ripe with buying opportunities, but keeping your business on the top of their holiday hit list will likely be up to your digital marketing!

Email marketing is a useful tool to connect with current customers and potential buyers. It is the simplest way to build your contact list, deliver sales, and get creative!